E- Class Room  –

The College has developed E-Class Room having 10 computer systems Connected through internet to Provide world wide information regularly regarding new concept of law and latest judgments of Hon’ble High Court and Supreme Court for law students.

The LCD Projector has also been installed in E- Class Room with Big Screen.

Moot Court   Hall –

One 22×60 Size big hall is exclusively reserved & decorated as Moot Court Hall and Witness Box, Dias and Seating of presiding officer of the Court are made in such a way, so that the students can feel and have a real Scenario of   Court and Judicial Proceeding. Not less than 150 students can be accommodate in this Moot Court Hall at a time. A sensitive & humming less Sound System has been arranged there in permanent mode.

College Building –

The double storey college building has been constructed by the management considering the wider need of different course and population of students,  presently the  college has  following  accommodation.

  • 12 class – Rooms –  Size 22×30
  • 1 Seminar hall / Moot Court –  Size 22×60
  • 1 E- Class Room  –  Size 22×60
  • -1 Principal Room                       –  Size 15×30
  • -1 Staff Room         –  Size 12×25
  • -1 Office                  –  Size 18×28
  • -1 Boys Toilets & Urinals
  • -1 Girls Common Room & Toilet